GREY by Becki Chan

Becki Chan is a spatial and jewellery designer living and working in Vancouver. Given Becki’s educational background in sculpture and architecture, she is interested in installations at a human scale, that people can interact with. She has conceptualized and developed public installations, for both artistic and commercial use, for the past 10 years. Nevertheless, she always knew that she wanted to do more.

A desire to design something that is at a much more intimate scale has led her to create wearable sculptures. A collection defined by its graphic linear aesthetic and bold style, focusing on innovating with form to create jewellery silhouettes that frame the body in unique ways.

Two years ago, Becki established her namesake jewellery line, GREY by Becki Chan. GREY follows a modernist tradition of solid sterling silver with an emphasis on sculptural silhouettes of substantial weight. Each piece is developed out of Becki’s sculptural work and is defined by a stripped-down vocabulary of form. GREY jewellery uses traditional lost wax casting to develop and create their line of statement pieces. GREY's clean and minimalist perspective manifests through the use of primary forms, linear relationships and geometrical composition.

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